Important Notice  |  2020 Montana Tribal College Fairs - CANCELED
               WEEK ONE                        WEEK TWO
    March 30-April 2, 2020          April 6-7, 2020

The Montana Tribal College Fair Circuit Welcomes You!

We are excited to have you part of Montana’s Tribal College Fair Circuit!  Thank you for your support in serving Montana students.  Also, here are a few IMPORTANT Reminders:

VERY IMPORTANT!  WELCOME & CAMPUS RELATIONS WORKSHOP @ EACH FAIR |  At every fair there will be a Formal, Mandatory Welcome & Campus Relations Session along with a Luncheon.  With your registration, you are specially invited to participate in this session and luncheon.  The MT Tribal Colleges have worked very hard to prepare this time with you and your institution, and they have made special arrangements to organize lunch in your honor.  The times for this are outlined in the detailed schedule linked below.  Each MT Tribal College has prepared a special campus relations event for you, so you can understand their campus and student programs and build relationships even more than in previous years.  Again, this fair circuit is designed to keep collaborations with the Tribal College’s programs strong.  The goal is NOT to recruit transfer students away from their existing program or campus, but instead, work in collaboration with their existing plans.  These meetings are mandatory and will be essential to the success of these fairs.  At our first fair we will all have a little more time for an official welcome and group introductions along with the local campus update.  Thank you for your understanding and respect of this request.  Your on-time attendance shows appreciation and respect to the hosting campus.  Thank you!

DOOR PRIZES  |  This is a time when you can promote your institution even more by giving away a T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Notepad, etc. with your logo on it; however, other gift ideas related to education are also welcome!  We encourage this and hope you will be able to participate by bringing 6 door prizes to participate in each of the door prize drawings at each fair.  And, lastly, this year you are also welcome to have giveaways for students attending the fair as well if you would like.  Again, this is not required, but if you would like to share promotional educational items you are welcome.


SITE THANK YOU’S  |  Each of the Tribal Colleges hosting a fair have worked very hard to make this a welcoming and successful event for you and your institution.  They are very excited to have you part of this year’s events!  As a tradition, many of these campuses will honor you with a gift, lunch, and/or traditional welcome, as it is customary to share a gift  as a sign of respect.  Therefore, a thank you note and/or a small gift to the site coordinators as a sign of appreciation is  welcomed. These gift can be presented individually by you to the site coordinators at each location (There are 6 site coordinators - 1 host per site.)


HANDOUTS (GIVE-AWAYS) FOR STUDENTS  |  Due to the nature of these fairs, you are allowed to bring smaller items/gifts to give out to the students if you would like.  This is not a competition to give out the best table gift; but, instead, a promotion of higher education in general.  Please be thoughtful in what you give out; keep in mind the symbolism and quality of your handouts for students. 


SAFE TRAVELS  |  Montana Weather  |  This fair circuit works really well for transfer student timelines with financial aid and application deadlines; however, Montana winters can be very cold and road conditions vary by the hour.  We encourage you to be safe and drive cautiously.  Pack warm cloths (gloves, mittens, boots, warm coat, blanket, extra food, water, etc.) in your car. 


SHARE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER  |  If you would like to be included in this sharing cell phone numbers with the rest of the representatives traveling, you will need to fill out the quick form at the following link by no later than Friday, March 20, 2020


If you have any questions, please contact us @ 406.531.3531 or  We look forward to seeing you soon!


~Amy Leary

MPSEOC & The Montana Tribal College Team

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Gather Your Questions & Take Some Time to Research the Montana Tribal College’s before the fairs.     


Beware of Online Map Directions (or your road side assistant directions)  |  Some of the online directions for the physical address are not very clear.  If you are unsure of where you are going, we recommend calling the campus ahead of time to make sure you know where you are going. 

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